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I had been seeing various Facebook friends posting their photos and positive experiences with Stitch Fix. There are no less than a bazillion subscription-type boxes online, so I typically have to see something posted there about 37 times before I actually pay attention to what it is. I finally decided to check it out. It sounded like a perfect solution to my no-time, no-options, no-chance-to-shop predicament! I signed up and received my first Stitch Fix yesterday. I couldn't wait to share my experience!

The basic premise of the Stitch Fix service is that a "personal" stylist chooses 5 unique items suited to your size, taste and needs. These items could be tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets or accessories. According to the Stitch Fix website, they can style any woman (sorry, guys) from a size 0 (XS) to a 14 (XL). They even do maternity wear! You can choose to receive your Fix on a schedule or on demand. 

In order to register for Stitch Fix, you complete a Style Profile, which includes information about your size, preferences and budget. I am short, petite and somewhat pear-shaped, so I was a bit skeptical about the sizing of the clothes. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of my items. More on that in a bit...

I chose a per-piece budget of $50-$100 for my Fix. Based on the information from the website, this seems to be typical. I don't usually spend more than $50 for a shirt, but I figured I would receive items that were a bit more special that what I normally shop for. When I first signed up, I was a little bit confused about the pricing. Here's how it works:

1. You receive your 5 items in the mail. Each shipment comes with a detailed invoice including the price of each item. You also receive a pre-paid USPS envelope to use for returning unwanted items. 

2. You try on your items and decide what to keep.

3. Log on to the Stitch Fix website and indicate whether you have decided to keep or return each item. You are only charged for the items you keep. You must return unwanted items within 3 business days. 

4. You are automatically charged a $20 Styling Fee for each Fix you receive. If you decide to keep any of your items, the $20 fee is deducted. If you keep all five of the items, you receive 25% off the entire Fix! 

When you request your Fix, you have the option to include a personal note to your stylist about what you are looking for in your shipment. I indicated that I was looking for something to wear on my upcoming summer vacation to North Carolina as well as a few items for back-to-school. I also indicated in my Style Profile that I was not interested in fancy dresses, high heels (although I don't think they actually send shoes) or fancy jewelry. 

When I received my Fix, I was surprised to see a personal note from my stylist, Jill, indicating that she did receive my note and specifically included items that she felt would be great for my vacation and school. Cool! 

Here is a photo of everything I receive - a green canvas tote bag (functional), a maxi dress (cute and summery), navy stretch jeans (versatile), and two sheer sleeveless tops (nice patterns and colors). I ripped the box open and started trying on. Using my 6-year-old daughter as my shopping buddy, I analyzed each item. We both agreed that the tops were cute but not so hot on me. They were $54 and $58. For these items, I didn't think the quality or fit justified the price. Here's one:


I loved the jeans! They are a great color, the fit is perfect, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of them. They were $99, which is a little more than I might spend on jeans, but well-fitting jeans are hard to find!  The canvas tote had a center zipper and two large outer pockets. It seems like a great bag for the price ($58). I just don't need a new tote bag right now, so I decided to return it. 

My favorite item in my Fix was this purple and white maxi dress. I can NEVER find a maxi dress that actually fits me. I just don't think anyone makes maxi dress for women under 5 foot 5! I couldn't believe it when I tried this one on, and the length was perfect! I liked the halter/twist back. It is stretchy and comfortable, and I feel pretty in it! I think the dress is a steal at $68. 

My overall impression is that this is a SUPER convenient service that can only get better over time. If you take the time to answer the style profile questions and give feedback on your items, your stylist can really tailor your items to your needs. 

My sister signed up for Stitch Fix at the same time and received her box also. She sent photos of the items she received (two tops, a sweater, the same jeans I received, and a necklace. Overall, she wasn't thrilled with the fit of her tops, but she is going to keep the jeans. Here is the necklace she received.

Stitch Fix has a referral program that allows you to receive $25 credits when a friend signs up using your unique code. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, I would love it if you could follow this link

Have you tried Stitch Fix? I would love to read your thoughts! Thanks for reading! :)




I got my first Fix this spring using a gift card my parents gave me for Christmas. I kept 3/5 of the pieces: Maternity wear (!) Maxi dress, skirt,and a top. I have gotten a lot of use out of all 3,and I just might be able to wear the maxi dress and skirt when NOT pregnant! I'll definitely try another Fix post-pregnancy since it was super convenient. I too received a note from the stylist, indicating she'd read my note and suggesting there was thought and effort put into the choices. ...something every woman can appreciate!


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